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Producer - Mary Beth Minnis

Mary Beth Minnis entered the film world after several years of leadership with Cru, a global non-profit agency. Mary Beth's passion and focus is storytelling through documentary filmmaking. Propelled by a desire to make stories of redemption and hope known worldwide, she has been a part of producing a narrative short, two documentary shorts and two feature length documentaries. RETURN TO MOGADISHU: REMEMBERING BLACK HAWK DOWN is her second film and is currently on a screening tour. Mary Beth is an Associate Producer on two feature length documentaries. IMBA MEANS SING is about the Grammy nominated African Children's Choir and it premiered in March 2015 at the Atlanta Film Festival. TOWER is a feature length documentary, still in production, which will challenge audiences to consider how the worst in one man brought out the best in so many others during the 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting. TOWER is set to release in 2016.

Director - Matt Knighton

A Chicago native with a proud hint of Austin, Texan blood, Matt has worked as a Producer/Director in the documentary, broadcast television, and advertising industries since 2006. Having worked on projects in over 20 countries on 6 continents, his credits include producing the first film shot on the RED One camera platform to be finished by NBC Universal, as well as being a part of production teams for several award-winning reality programs produced for the BBC, HGTV, and Comcast SportsNet. Matt loves how non-fiction film can blend stunning visuals with adventurous stories to stir emotions and give audiences a fresh look at a world they may not have known.Follow Matt on Twitter or see some of his other projects here.

Director of Photography - Jacob Hamilton

Jacob’s work on short films, commercials, and music videos includes the 2009 Doorpost Filmmaker’s Choice Award Guest Room, and Manos De Madre (2009 AFS Showcase at SXSW). He was a cinematographer for Halogen TV’s Noble Exchange, which received a 2011 Telly Award. Recently Jacob was the Location Director for Zacuto’s BTS: Hit The Ground Running , a 2011 Telly Award winner and Emmy nominee.

What attracts him to the art of film is its power to touch hearts, harness emotions, and inspire actions. Jacob spends much of his time helping non-profit organizations develop quality media, and his international feature documentary work includes cinematography for Rising From the Ashes and Lord Montagu. Follow Jacob on Twitter or see more of his work here.

Film Editor - Gabriel Cox

Gabe has worked alongside award-winning filmmakers for years in his role as editor. He strives not just to edit film well, but to tell meaningful stories. His focus on storytelling in the editing room has allowed him to shape films that influence viewers and leave audiences touched by the essence of each narrative. Whether through documentaries, music videos, or advertisement, he uses the tools of editing to challenge and inspire audiences, not simply by cutting together scenes, but by crafting the best story possible. Follow Gabriel on Twitter or see some of his other projects here.

CRU presents a film by MATT KNIGHTON in association with MARY BETH MINNIS
music by KYLE LENT edited by GABRIEL COX director of photography JACOB HAMILTON
executive producer JIM HOCKER produced by MARY BETH MINNIS directed by MATT KNIGHTON